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Jason Schimmel is an accomplished composer, and an experienced audio engineer from Los Angeles, CA. His expertise after working for over 20 years in the industry has landed him a vast list of credits in film, television, podcasts, as well as recording and production credits for numerous bands and artists.

Jason began his musical journey at the age of 10, formally studying guitar and piano and developing a strong sense for improvisation. This passion for music and performance eventually led him to pursue a degree in classical and jazz guitar at University of California, Santa Cruz. Soon thereafter he completed the renowned film scoring program at University of California, Los Angeles.

More recently, Jason has worked as the scoring engineer on the 2020 Oscar winning picture, Joker along with the sequel, Joker: Folie á Deux. He has also done score recording for the award winning Netflix film, “The Elephant Whisperers” and the National Geographic documentary, “Into the Okavango.”

His compositions can be heard in many original scores on the SCI-Arc channel as well as Amazon Prime including; “Fear and Wonder 3”, “Model Worlds: Phil Tippett”, “Pinball Hall of Fame”, “Living Infrastructure” and “Walk-ins Welcome”. Jason has also joined forces with many prestigious music houses including; Universal Music, Elias Arts, Gramoscope and Hans Zimmer’s Bleeding Fingers. His music can also be heard on prominent networks such as NBC, ABC, Comedy Central, National Geographic, Bravo, TLC, Food Network and Fox. Jason has also owned and operated recording studios over the last 20 years, where he has performed or recorded with numerous musicians, composers and bands including; John Zorn, Hildur Guonadóttir, Amanda Palmer, Health, Secret Chiefs 3, Trey Spruance, Dead Cross, Les Claypool, Neil Hamburger, Louis Cole, Ross Robinson, Dave Lombardo, Ghostemane, Fred Durst, Brian Reitzell, Jonathan Elias, Sven Faulconer, Eyvind Kang, Alan Bishop, Amigo The Devil, Foetus, Sprain, Touché Amoré, Retox, Red Fiction, Estradasphere and many more.

Jason has extensive experience as a touring musician, and has traveled throughout the world performing in various clubs, theaters and recital halls. He has a deep connection to avant garde and progressive-forward thinking music. He has been embraced by the global experimental music community and has worked closely with many record labels over the course of his career including; Loma Vista, Drag City, Epitaph, Ipecac Recordings, Roadrunner Records, Web Of Mimicry and Flenser Records. Jason has also performed at numerous US and European festivals such as; The North Sea Jazz Festival, The Rothbury Festival, 10,000 Lakes Festival, ProgDay, Angel City Jazz Festival, Jazz Fest Sarajevo and Masada Marathon at Lincoln Center.

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